Lansight Technology’s Network Management Services offer reliable support and troubleshooting for any PC/Mac network infrastructure. By playing a pivotal role in reducing server operational expenses, increasing server availability, improving data protection & enhancing flexibility, we help businesses maintain a competitive edge.

  1. Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of servers on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security alerts. Proactively escalate issues to appropriate groups.
  2. Resolution management : Remote resolution of server problems on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security issues
  3. Vulnerability management: Periodic and real-time scanning for vulnerabilities on servers. Identify potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them
  4. User monitoring: Track and report all user activity on critical servers. Identify suspicious activity and take corrective action
  5. Backup and Archiving: Proactively backup the critical data stored in your servers, and protect servers from any critical data loss or failure of storage.

Remote Systems Administration: Lansight’s server administrators will instantly work to resolve any server issues remotely.

Lansight’s Workstation Management Service is a fully remote-managed solution that offers world-class, reliable and secure support and maintenance services for corporate desktops. Our solutions help IT departments to deliver high-quality, cost-effective desktop support by optimizing desktop infrastructure, improve end-user productivity and protect corporate desktop assets.

  • Diagnostics and Root cause analysis: Help diagnose and identify root-cause issues for performance and security related issues with the desktop
  • Security management: Ensure that the desktop is free of any virus, mal-ware, ad-ware, etc. This includes a full detection and removal of security threats
  • Tune up and performance management: Identify and resolve issues related to poor performance with the desktop. This includes disk de-fragmentation, clean up of startup files, clean cache, hardware troubleshooting, etc.
  • Patch management: Identify any patch anomalies with the desktop applications and ensure all patch levels are current with the desktop
  • Backup and archiving: Proactively backup the critical data stored in your desktop, and protect yourself from any critical data loss or failure of hard disks
  • Remote assist: Instantly solve any problem on end-user desktop using Lansight’s remote assist service. Qualified technicians will remotely connect to your desktop and solve any desktop issues

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