With Lansight Technology’s helpdesk support, quick resolution to minor problems is only a phone call away. The Lansight helpdesk staff has a broad range of experience in many issues and applications to help you troubleshoot software and hardware issues.

We at Lansight pride ourselves in our ability to communicate with our clients in a way that is effective and easy to understand when assisting them. No mater what your skill level, you can count on the Lansight helpdesk to guide you to a resolution in an expedient and professional manner.

Lansight’s Helpdesk can assist in the following areas:

  • Workstation troubleshooting
  • Minor connectivity issues
  • Print issues
  • Application issues
  • General “How To” questions
  • Many other common IT related issues
Introducing Lansight Rescue!

If you have high speed internet access, our technicians can now access your computer remotely through the internet to troubleshoot and repair your system. We can repair most software problems without requiring an on-site service call.

How It Works

During your remote repair session, you will be able to observe all repairs as they happen by watching your screen while we solve your problem. Your mouse will actually move around on your computer screen as our skilled technicians use their knowledge and software toolkit to detect and remove viruses, malware, and adware from your computer. We will also provide you with the option to install powerful utilities to help protect your computer from getting reinfected. If you need help installing or configuring a program, email, or any other software related issues, our technicians can help you right now.

When we are finished, we will permanently remove our connection program and we will be unable to reconnect without your permission unless you choose to re-install the program for further service. This entire process keeps you in complete control at all times.

Contact us by phone at (305) 445-8897 or email us to get started.

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